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Sounds like you need to update the drivers for you PC. We have noticed that if you upgraded from an older version of windows the drivers on your PC do not always get updated. Please start there and if. Actiontec Card Reader Drivers, To achieve a Gold competency actintec, Solvusoft goes through extensive independent analysis that looks for, amongst other qualities, a high level of software expertise, a successful actiontfc service track record, and top-tier customer value. Actiontec USB Bluetooth Driver Tracey Brown July 8, 2013 Actiontec This is a Bluetooth USB driver for the Actiontec adapter. This Returns Policy is simply a portly piece of moments. 0's power, or three systems simultaneously.

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  • Hi Guys new to this site, so just want a bit advise please. First I would like to say sorry for any dumb questions, but I am really new to this field wyse etc and I don’t have a clue.

    My managing director has asked me to enable WiFi on a Wyse 3125SE Thin Client.

    I have downloaded the Actiontec driver Addon_ACTIONTEC_B0015.exe. Now I have tried using the NetXfer to install the bin even renamed it to bootp.bin (that didn’t work) file and nothing happens it just says current transfer nill. I even added the file accross FTP (Nothing happened there) I have M$JVM installed and I am running IE7 followed the instruction adding a second IP etc and I even tried running the MKUTC as shown below.

    C:NetXfer>mkutc.bat actiontecaddon400.bin

    Image To UTC conversion Program v9.0 (atf)
    Added Image:’ tftp.dat’ Base: 00100200 Cumulative: 00008000
    Added Image:’’ Base: 00108200 Cumulative: 00040000
    Searching for Index 3

    Index 3 is ZERO LENGTH Entry… Reading encountering EOF
    Added Image:’actiontecadd(103)’ Base: 00700000 Cumulative: 00000001
    Creating Downloadable Image:’bootp.bin’
    Execution [00100200]

    Conversion Complete.

    Know I know the link to terminal in working, as I can ping the device and FTP it. I have turned my firewall off on the machine I am use to connect to it. I tried using the WDM but couldn’t figure out how that worked it was asking for a broadcast or manual address 😯 .

    All I am really after is to install the WiFi USB Dongle. If I am going along the wrong path can someone explain the simplest way to install this device for a Newbie 🙁 .

    Thx in Advance
    Zorolord 🙂

    If you’re just doing this on one ore two clients, there is a real easy way to deploy it using an ftp server.

    1. Download the file and run it. It’s a self extracting executable. Extract it to a temporary directory. In this case, we’ll extract it to C:Temp

    2. Make a directory on an FTP server. In this case, we’ll call it actiontec

    3. Copy the actiontecaddon400.bin and params.ini file from the Addon_ActiontecAddon_Actiontec_b0015_CEN folder to the directory you made on the FTP server.

    4. Start your thin client, go to the control panel and double click the AddOns applet to start it.

    5. Click the Add Button. In the space provided, enter the name of your FTP server and the path that you copied the files to on the FTP server.

    6. Click the upgrade button (or whatever it’s called down in the lower right). The client will make two checks; the first one will make sure it can connect to the FTP server. The second check will be looking for Params.ini.

    If you get an error saying the upgrade could not be found, make sure you can talk to the FTP server. If you get an error about params.ini, make sure you have entered the correct path.

    7. When the upgrade is finished, it will return you to the AddOns. When you close this window, you will be told that you have to reboot — let it. When it comes back up, the driver should be installed for you.

    Hi Zorolord,

    I have seen this as well. AFAIK this is related to the firmware level of the Actiontec card.
    Check the label on the back of the card. It should say something like F/W, P: , S:
    Tell us your finding.
    Installing the Actiontec addon is all you have to do. This installs all needed drivers. Once CE asks you for a driver name, you have lost. There is nothing you can enter to make it work.


    Hi Zorolord,

    what you are using is NOT the Actiontec card. It is the new USB Wyse WLAN stick.
    To get this running you’ll need this addon.


    You should contact Wyse support to get your hands on Build 541 or higher. This will work.

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