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Digital Solutions - ScanX Compatibility with Windows 7 32 and 64 Operating Systems

VistaEasy also installs the Driver Setup program for other Air Techniques USB devicesnot covered in this document. VistaEasy is installed the first time from the supplied disk. The program allows the setup of multiple devices. Air Techniques ScanX Scanner Accent Sensor Instrumentarium Sigma Sensor Orthopantomograph Panoramic PLANMECA Proline and ProMax Panoramic Dixi3 Sensor Progeny VisionDX Sensor Schick iPan PanX Panoramic PanX-C Pan/Ceph Sensor (USB) Wireless Sensor CDR Pan Elite CDR Sensor Elite Sirona Sidexis Sensor Orthophos XG or XG+ Panoramic Soredex.

Applies to: ScanX

ScanX users should be using the most up-to-date ScanX drivers from the Air Techniques website. The latest version of the driver will work for ANY ScanX unit that has been manufactured as of March 1st of 2011 and later, running the current production on-board firmware. This firmware and driver is 32/64-bit compatible.
Those ScanX units manufactured prior to March 1st of 2011 would need to have their on-boad firmware updated using the Scanx Upgrade Wizard B7575 Rev. A. prior to using the latest version of the Scanx Driver.
This is required, as those earlier units built prior to March 1st of 2011 had firmware that was not 64-bit compatible. By downloading, installing and then running the ScanX Upgrade Wizard B7575 Rev A, this will update the unit to the current firmware, allowing us to the use the diagnostic tools, error reporting, etc., available with the lastest driver. The Upgrade Wizard is simple and straight forward to do with few mouse clicks, taking less then 5-minutes in the field, please see the document below for the installation and upgrade instructions. See steps below to verify the firmware on the Scanx.

All Scanx drivers and upgrade wizard are also available here: P:PTCNT008Digital_ShareAir_TechniquesScanXScanX Revision A Upgrade Wizard
ScanX Upgrade Wizard Installation and Upgrade Instructions

What is a usb devices
To check the firmware version of a unit on a machine:

Air Techniques Usb Devices Driver Windows 7

1. Go to Device Manger
2. Right-Click on ScanX and select Properties
Air3. Click on Air Techniques USB Devices DriverDetails

Windows 7

Once in Details, click the drop-down arrow and select Device Instance Path to view the PID.
Windows XP
AirIt will default to Device Instance ID where you can view the:

***If the PID is PID0060 or above, it is the new firmware.

Air Techniques Usb Devices Driver Download

***If the PID is PID0059 or below, it is older firmware.
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