Areca SCSI & RAID Devices Driver


4U 24Bay 10Gb iSCSI Hardware RAID

Areca Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Download

Areca scsi & raid devices drivers
  • Arcmsr(7D) Name arcmsr - SAS and SATA HBA driver for Areca Hardware Raid devices Description. The arcmsr host bus adapter driver is a SCSA-compliant nexus driver that supports Areca Technology SAS and SATA RAID devices. Supported SATA RAID cards: ARC-1110 pci17d3,1110 ARC-1120 pci17d3,1120 ARC-1130 pci17d3,1130 ARC-1160 pci17d3,1160 ARC-1170 pci17d3,1170 ARC-1201 pci17d3,1201.
  • Areca‚Äôs engineering team had well experienced in the PCI IDE Controllers for National Semiconductor, IDE Disk Cache Controllers for Buslogic, SCSI Disk Cache Controllers, SCSI Controllers, PCI Main board, EISA Main board and Local bus Main Board.

Single or Dual Redundant RAID Controller

Enterprise solutions that don't break the bank. The CineRAID ARC-9224I iSCSI Rack is a high performance 24bay 10Gb iSCSI SAN Storage system featuring single-upgradable or dual-active (active-active) controllers, combined with the latest 12Gb SAS 3.0 backplane technology. The optional Dual Active-Active controller architecture doubles the available host bandwidth ensuring maximum utilization and throughput. If one controller fails, the other controller can transparently take over, eliminating single points of failure that can disrupt data workflow. Performance and scalability driven, each controller is powered by a dual core RAID-on-Chip (ROC) 1.2Ghz processor for powerful and proven RAID data storage performance. The high density 24bay chassis supports up to 240 terabytes within a single array, and can scale up to 256 drives or 2.2 petabytes of storage with additional expansion storage array units.

Scsi Disk Device

The values from the Areca card should be the last three, and the first value should be zero. Use this command as root (sudo won't work) to add a scsi device: [email protected]# echo 'scsi add-single-device 0 0 0 1' /proc/scsi/scsi Once you've run this command your volume should appear in /dev/sd. with the other scsi devices.


Key Applications

Scsi Raid Array

High Performance Computing, Post Production Editing in 4K and 8K, Big Data Analytics, Forensics Storage and Telecommunications Applications.