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When the lunar New Year is coming you feel charged with emotions that you want to share with your family and friends so it would be a very nice gesture from you to send your Chinese or happy Lunar New Year greetings 2021 on social networks.

Through social networks, you can share happy Lunar New Year’s greetings with a phrase that is addressed to someone in particular or you can do it publicly so that all your contacts can read it too. Below you will find a list of examples with the best lunar new year greetings to send on New Year’s Eve.

Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021

1. Thank you for your concern, thank you for your help, thank you for everything you have done to me… Please accept my New Year’s wishes and wish you peace and happiness.

2, I hope that every baby can be as open as a flower every day, as bright as the sun! Spend every day healthy and happy!

3, buddy, I wish you all the best, two dragons take off, Sanyang Kaitai, four seasons safe, five blessings, six six Dashun, seven stars high, eight parties to the wealth, ninety-nine concentric, perfect. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

4. Wishes: One yuan and the beginning, Vientiane will be renewed; Years of good luck and old age; rich and prosperous, rich and auspicious; happy and healthy, good fortune; bamboo newspapers, peace and wealth, full of happiness.

5, Long Teng Tiger Jump to the Year of the Rooster, always remember three things, one must be happy, the body is as strong as a cow; the second is to have a successful career, earn money to speed the game of jade chicken; three to love complete, to fight for the Year of the Rooster.

6. When I am on New Year’s Eve, I will send a blessing. This blessing is only the talent that I care most about! Only the New Year’s healthy people have it! Only happy people with a happy Lunar New Year! I can’t send it to ordinary people! Hey! Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

7, the Spring Festival is a new starting point, good luck at the beginning of the blessing, finishing the heart and happiness, the beginning of the new year to work hard, courage to forge ahead, create a brilliant, Spring Festival, I wish you happy, work hard, create your own blue sky!

8, I said happy, you said Go; I said dreams, you said Yo; you said sad, I said No; come New Year, LongTimeNoSee, we SayHello.

9. The wine of the Spring Festival is festive and sweet, and the friendship of the friends is deep and long. The wine of the relatives is long and long. My wine wishes you a happy and happy year of the Year of the Rooster.Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

10. the old year waved goodbye, the mood cheered. The troubles are broken and the core of happiness is upgraded. All worries are omitted, and good luck adds another glimpse. The cause has improved, and the future has made a big leap. Greetings come to you, I wish you a happy New Year!

11. the Spring Festival has arrived, greetings from the heart, blessings come, new year, new weather, I hope friends in 2017 life is full of beauty, career is booming, financial resources come rolling, happiness forever and ever!

12. Read this message, you have owed me a hug; delete this message, owe me a kiss; save this message, owe me a date; if you reply, you owe me all; if you reply, you are mine.

13. I wish you the happiest in the Year of the Rooster. Fireworks are beautiful heart is drunk, I wish you double the Year of the Rooster. Celebrate the New Year, paste the Spring Festival couplet, I wish you more money in the Year of the Rooster. The firecrackers are ringing, the song is bright, I wish you a strong body in the Year of the Rooster. Happy Lunar New Year, happiness and well-being. Happy Lunar new year greetings.

14. The sound of firecrackers sounded the beginning of the Year of the Rooster, joyful sings a wonderful life, Shengshi everywhere sings Yan dance people happy chicken, happy every year Mela home sunshine. In the Year of the Rooster, I wish a couple of friends: the sweetness of the plum-bamboo chicken, and the first chicken to get rich!

15. New Year’s Eve is coming, give you a special dinner at the table: French red wine is full of romance, Brazilian barbecue adds vitality, Chinese dumplings are round and round, and then a Korean kimchi is hot and you are. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings

Lunar new year greetings in English

16. In the new year, I sincerely wish you all the best. The pig is coming to the heart, my blessing is early, I hope you see the text message and bloom.

17. Sports hero Qi Liangjian, Shenzhen Universiade waiting for you. Swords and squads are the first, and the wine is happy. Shenzhen Universiade is about to open, and the exciting game attracts attention. The Universiade can’t be missed, the game is quite exciting. Lunar new year greetings.

18. Xiaonian arrived early in the morning, SMS blessings and good voices, good luck first to report, happy life to run with you, career big step by step, happy days, happy mood with you laugh, a lot of money to make money.

19. The mouse wants to eat rice in the New Year. Who is the mother of rice? Do you know? It’s a flower, why? Peanuts! So who is the grandmother of rice? do not know? Tell you! It’s a wonderful pen because it’s a wonderful flower! Haha, happy Chinese new year!

20, the old year is good, the new year is even better. The moment the bell rings, I am still reading the seconds for you. Nineteen eight seven six five four three two one, um, new happiness has come. I sincerely wish, my friend, you will get better and better. Happy lunar new year greetings 2021.

21, from the perspective of force, you are our source of power! We will use faster and stronger acceleration to impact knowledge. New Year is coming, wish our beloved teacher, happy Chinese New Year greetings, good health!

22, Spring Festival, New Year’s greetings; send you a cup of mellow wine, I hope you follow the good luck; send you a picture of auspicious painting, life is happy, everyone boast; send you a red lantern, everything is a family business; New Year Congratulations in advance!

23, licking a piece of deep winter snow, picking up a glass of spring wine, adding a drop of happy water, adding a spoonful of lucky flowers, picking a round of white moon, sprinkling a gorgeous light, brewing a sincere word: Happy Chinese New Year greetings!

24, the Spring Festival holiday, the new year into the countdown. Countdown to the annual meal to eat a round, countdown bells knocked out peace and peace, I hope that your countdown holiday is full, countdown good luck year after year!

25. I am warm with the mutton, the warmth of the boiled fish, the deliciousness of the boiled shrimp, the sweetness of the old meat, the broadness of the sliver, the bread of the bread, and the sincere blessing to you, I wish you a new year, happiness!

26. I want the flowers to never fade, open in the warm spring! I want the winter to be bright and the cold snow! I want to see the text message people happy in the new year, healthy and happy for a whole year!

27. The Spring Festival in previous years is listening to the same music, eating the same food; and this year’s Spring Festival because of your existence, and become so different. I love you. Spring Festival blessing. happy lunar new year greetings 2021.

28. A flower has been picked for a long time, withered and reluctant to lose; an umbrella for a long time, the rain stopped and can not afford to receive; a road has gone for a long time, it is too dark to go to the head; a sentence waited for a long time, Finally, I can say that Happy New Year!

29. Fortuna Day does not wish to make a fortune, like the Spring Festival does not celebrate the New Year. On the first day of the first month of the first lunar month, you can forget your own name and name, and you must not forget to wish you a fortune. Dumplings like ingots, eat more dumplings, I hope you will earn a full this year!

30. the cause does not need to be amazed to have achievements. Friendship does not need to say riddles to think about it. Money doesn’t have to be enough to use. Life does not have to be over 100 years old. Friends don’t have to have much to have you. Happy new year!

happy lunar new year greetings

The Chinese or lunar New Year 2021 is expected with great enthusiasm as a new stage is about to begin, full of new goals, dreams and energies. It is the opportunity where we must take everything good and bad that has happened to us to learn and improve as people.

If you want to congratulate and encourage your loved ones for this special date we leave you a list of beautiful greetings for the new year , so you can spread that optimism of achieving everything you plan.

31. How long is it to ask for peace? And send the thoughts to each other. Love and care, full of affection and blessings. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings!

32. Silver Rooster Year, Xilian, joy and joy to hang Spring Festival couplet; Jinlong, silver chicken, Shenzhou land for new face; auspicious, rich day, spring, summer, autumn and winter, Hongyun company; China Year, Fu Lianlian, Yinji to force Happy New Year. I wish the New Year’s Eve family reunion!

33. I sincerely wish you all the best in the new year: all expectations can come up with all the dreams, all hopes can be fulfilled, all efforts can be successful!

34. Festive firecrackers registered Happy Street, Xianghe couplet landing in the beautiful alley, red fire lanterns paste happy house, laughter and save the wishful home, Jinji Xiangrui full of reunion wine, blessing hope to sing and song. Happy Spring Festival.

35. The spectrum can not be elegant, can not verse the poem, can not copy the thoughts, can not borrow the magic pen, can not turn the wheel, can not write the beautiful, but the bright new year is coming, the sincere blessing is still to be given to you : Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

36. I lost my good wishes to this text message. The letter is not long-lasting. My friend wishes you a happy new year! Long time no see, missed you. In this warm day, I often remember the years of coexistence. Happy New Year, I wish you all the best! Give you a year!

37. Congratulations on the Spring Festival, SMS bless you, career belongs to you, happy to follow you, health thinking about you, God of Wealth visits you. May you have a good luck in the New Year, good luck every day.

38. The New Year is coming to ask a good! SMS blessings are reported, the financial resources are rolling forward, the career is developed step by step, life is good and everything goes smoothly, good luck has been handed over every day, I hope you are happy and wonderful, forwarding eight people to show their effects! happy New Year!

39. I wish you all the hopes in the new year, all dreams can be fulfilled, all waiting can be seen, and all the efforts can be fulfilled. happy lunar new year greetings 2021.

40. Modern Chinese medicine believes: Acacia sleep less, dark love is not old, flirting troubles, fancy brain training, stealing a good heart, picking up girls anti-aging! Take the attitude of scientific development concept to compare yourself, then practice, no development, wish the Spring Festival is good.

41. The New Year is coming to send the golden egg, the golden egg tart opens the wish. Every year, life is complete, and the cause is smooth and love is present. Healthy and healthy, family and sorrow every day. I wish you a happy new year and wish you all the best! Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

42. Xianglong flies, silver chicken dances, auspicious happiness reports to you; snow flutters, fireworks are swaying, laughter and songs are lively and beautiful; red lights hang high, spring couplets are good, Fuyun fortune entangles you; New Year arrives, Le Taotao, SMS greetings Happy New Year: Happy New Year!

43. The little chicken squats and opens the door. Fulu came in, happy and open minded. The income has doubled, and the gold and silver piled up. The red envelope is sent without guessing, and Shougao delivers the grandmother. People and Antai, good for the future. I wish the Year of the Rooster great luck.

44. Spring weather, rain and heart, happy life forever, love business is full, body health exhibition smile, the future is like Jinfu unlimited, the fortune can not be stopped, good luck to accompany, peace and safely through the Year of the Rooster.

45. The horse hoofed the Year of the Rooster, happy around the side. Life is happy and forever ahead, Sunshine Avenue is your choice. Happiness is full of smiles, and carefree music is unlimited. I wish you a perfect year of the Rooster, and the Year of the Rooster is healthy. Lunar New Year Greetings.

46. Spring node blessing: drink a little leisure, eat slowly, rest thinking about it, sleep a little more, health care, exercise a little bit, my mind to remember, the Spring Festival smile a little more!

47. Christmas just after the Spring Festival, once more than a birthday, two days after the Spring Festival, sesame blossoms are high, I wish you a happy New Year! Wealth prosperity! The most important thing is that if you have a good thing, don’t forget it. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

48. The sun rises and falls, the calendar turns over, and the day passes; the bells burst, the sound of firecrackers, one year passed. Years are long, thanks for the past, and rushing for the journey of tomorrow. Happy new year!

49. There are three purposes for this text message. One is to test whether your mobile phone is lost or not. The second is to see if you have forgotten me. The third and most important one is to wish you a happy New Year and wish you a fortune. Rolling, life is safe. Lunar New Year Greetings.

50. The Spring Festival is coming, give you a basket of fruit, I hope you: Ping An Fugui, Orange Xiang Ruyi, pear wants to be successful, Xingfu happy, persimmon things go smoothly, nuclear family happy, plum has troubles, sweet as sugar cane, happiness as grapes Please smile!

Best Chinese or Lunar New Year Greetings and wishes

51. I wish you a new year: the business is just in the afternoon, the body is as strong as a chicken, the money is endless, the work is not hard, the leisure is like a mouse, the romance is like a musical score, and you are happy. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

52. The Spring Festival is coming to send warmth. I will continue to bless my blessings. I hope that good luck will be more and more fortune, and the blessing will be more and luckier. The joy will be more and happier and happiness will be more and happier. Happy Chinese New Year!

53. May all the fortune cover you! Sunrise is expensive, sunset is good! May all the lucky stars care for you! Always auspicious! Engraving peace. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

54. No matter where I am, I hope that there is only one turn away from you. Let my heart dance with you on this special day. I wish you a happy new year, safe and healthy!

55. Let the trouble end, let the happy start; let the busy station, let leisurely look. Accompanied and transported all the way, returning to health, the Spring Festival, blessing you with the new sun, wishing you a happy new year, happiness every step. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

56. a year is very long, the Spring Festival is the center, thousands of families celebrate it; there are many text messages, the blessing is the center, it represents the friendship and expectations of this friend; many friends, you are the center, all the blessings are given to you, friends happy New Year!

57. When you see this message, luck has come to your head, and God of Wealth has entered your home. Ronghua is not far from you. Bless your friends: Happy New Year’s Eve!

58. The sound of chicken hooves whipped and the year of the Rooster came. I wish the chicken year good health, healthy and happy. I wish you a happy career and Yang Guan Avenue. I also wish you a happy family, happy and happy in the arms. I wish you no trouble in the Year of the Rooster!

59. Who is missing you? Who is concerned about you? Who can’t bear you? Who can’t live without you? Who is most distressed by you? Who is the most memorable? Who always bless you? Don’t think about it, besides me, who else? Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

60. Year after year, the blessings are unchanged; day after day, the friendship is unchanged; the hearts and minds are cherished, the hands are tight; the blessings are connected, the blessings are boundless; the rich are paving the way, the wealth is long; the joy is alternate, the happy events are repeated. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, everything is as you wish!

61. Resign the old and welcome the new year, say hello to the new year. Zhu Jun: New Year’s New Face, New Year’s New Weather, New Year’s New Beginning, New Year’s New Beginning, New Year’s New Mood, New Year’s New Fortune, New Year’s New Situation, New Year’s New Harvest, New Year’s New Leap!

62. the New Year has not been mentioned, determined to make a performance this year. The plan is not long until the end of the year, and the monthly indicators are very detailed. Being flexible and sociable, doing things with low-key and hard work. Excavate the ordinary and magical, and go out of the mediocrity. I wish you success. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

Sound Cards 7.1

63. New Year’s Eve zero o’clock sound, heart ignited six pillars of incense: one column blessing ***, two pillars wish the country long, three pillars pray for Taiwan Haixiang, four pillars pray for the Olympic field, five pillars pray for the year Jingwang, six pillars pray home Ankang!

64. The weather is cold, does not affect your emotions, work is busy, does not affect your contact with me, no matter how tired the life, how much trouble on the road, gently greetings to you, bless my distant friends.

65. I told you not only to do this work, but to pay attention to the body, but you always said meaningfully: Do not roll a few dung balls in the Spring Festival, what do I eat next year? Don’t get tired of yourself, I wish you a happy New Year. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

66. The usual days are normal, faint Acacia fax. You and I are in friendship in the day, and the text message conveys true affection. Send greetings and blessings, don’t ask for the Spring Festival and the New Year. At this moment, this is true. May you be happy and happy!

67. heart, heart, heart, heart and heart; heart, heart, heart, heart and heart; heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart Happy New Year, happy life, good career.
Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021

68. I put a blessing for one point, I hope to have a point, I love you, I look forward to a point, I feel a bit, I am waiting for a minute, I am intoxicated, I am a minute, I love you, I miss you very much!

69. May you walk with you every day of the New Year. May you walk with you every time of the day, and peace is with you every minute of every moment. May you walk with you every minute. Every second.

Bestunar Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download

70. If you don’t give gifts during the Chinese New Year this year, you will be sent a round egg ceremony. Happy and happy reunion, sentence full of http://Www.1juzI.coM/ auspicious wishful health ceremony. The group is happy and happy, and the beautiful family is beautiful. The sun is shining brightly and the road is wide. I wish you good health in the Spring Festival, health is the last word!

Lunar new year greetings for business

71. New Year’s Eve package of gold dumplings, including peace and laughter, including the fortune of wealth. Bring out warmth and beauty, and pack your career step by step. Pack out healthy and good health, and pack good luck Ji Xing. Finally, I wish you a happy and happy life!
Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

72. When the cold autumn rain depicts the bleakness of autumn, the red leaves will always add a little enthusiasm; when the cold moon cold dew creates cold, my greetings will give you warmth; friends, cold and forget to add clothes, I wish you health and safety.
Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

73. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rooster, blowing the blessings of the knot number: healthy and happy around, good luck fortune as a hood, monthly salary rises banknotes, Zhou Zhou double happiness, happy night sleep, Fu Lu Shouxi followed, good It’s like a snake.

Best Lunar Sound Cards For Kids

74. Chicken, chicken, don’t run, catch you because the chicken year. Chicken, chicken, don’t call, I know what you said. The Year of the Rooster comes with good luck, and happy life is Taotao. The Yangguan Avenue is in front of you, and the cause is successful. Happy Year of the Rooster!

75. The Spring Festival means the departure of the old year and the arrival of the New Year. Let the trouble go with the wind, let the sorrow run with the old year, let the New Year come with happiness, let my blessing bring peace and smile. I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

76. In the Spring Festival in previous years, I listened to the same music and ate the same food. This year’s Spring Festival is so different because of your existence. I love you.

Bestunar Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download Windows 10

77. Greetings are endless, blessings such as the current: I wish you a happy meeting, good luck without limits, happy smiles, healthy with your side, happy every day, happy year, happy Chinese New Year, auspicious year of the Rooster!
Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021

78. The starlight is the hope of light, the cloud is carrying a dream paradise, the rainbow is set up a bridge of happiness, Danxia shop is the glory of tomorrow, the message is the auspicious year of the Year of the Rooster! I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

79. the New Year wishes the Quartet to send, the East to send you money tree, the West to send you Yongankang, the South to send you a successful road, the North to send you money full warehouse. Delivered in all directions, gold and silver treasures take the photo. Happy new year!

80. In the blink of an eye, there is no gorgeous words, do not copy other people’s thinking, only send my sincere blessings and simple greetings: God, bless the people who read the text safely and no troubles. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

81. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rooster, I wish you good luck. When you meet this Spring Festival, your troubles will be finished like a rabbit’s tail. After this Spring Festival, your happiness will last forever in your heart. I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

82. Starlight and shy away from the moon, fireworks and fireworks. The wife and children return to their hometown and gather for a feast. Grandson toasted to Grandpa, and the money was filled with pockets. The end of the bowl of the face to send grandma, red envelopes and drums. May a friend: Spring Festival joy is infinitely beautiful!

83. I wish you a chicken in the year of the martial arts, a hundred thousand eight thousand miles, and seventy-two changed into a world of learning, with eighty-one entrepreneurial skills. Happy Chinese or lunar new year greetings.

84. Time is the chain, happiness is the bead, chain with beads, hanging on the chest can be happy for a lifetime. Happiness is a stone, trouble is sand, time is a sieve, sand is leaked with a sieve, and the stone will accompany you forever!

85. If we want to become a billionaire one day, the easiest way is to have a good dream at night, and never wake up; New Year is coming, friends, wish you a safe and healthy New Year, a happy life!
Happy Lunar New Year Greetings 2021.

86. The dishes are wonderful, the best time to come; the Year of the Rooster, the Spring Festival: Qi Huan Dance, Le Tao Tao; red light, Qi laugh; firecrackers, doom run; dance Yangge, dragon lights jump. I wish you a bounce like a chicken in the new year!

87. I hope that good luck like a mine often gives you a bad luck like a meteor shower forever. You can’t get wealth. Like garbage everywhere you can find happiness. With your life like a fly, stare at you and not let a happy New Year! Zheng Zhongming’s fame: This text message has never been forwarded, never seen, the packaging is simple, the true feelings are strong, the original genuine, the pirated version must be investigated, if there is similarity, it is a coincidence. Happy Year of the Rooster. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

88. Send me a sincere blessing, I hope you have a more happy and happy time in the new year, I wish you a happy new year!

89. Xiao Yan, to obey, only happy to accompany relatives; no troubles, no embarrassment, smooth and easy to take the road; one year old a big surprise, parents happy and happy; may baby happy, life without worry.

Sound Cards Creative

90. I hope that partial wealth belongs to you, good luck belongs to me; may peach blossom belongs to you, marriage belongs to me; willing to run the business belongs to you, the official transport belongs to me; the Spring Festival belongs to you, the Spring Festival belongs to me. I wish you a smile, always healthy. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings.

91. The sound of firecrackers ushered in the eve, the drums burst into urgency. Wanjia lights and laughter, the phone sings and rumors. The song is hilarious, and the longevity noodles are lustful. Apple banana pineapple is dense, and wine and food are full. I wish you a long and long life, and your friends are safe and sweet.

92. The first one to fifteen, Jiji Qi Huan dance, everyone is making a new spring, Vientiane to update, lucky and enter the treasure, happiness to pack you, I wish you a smile, good luck to go up!

93. My blessing is the angel of flowers. I came by the wind and landed at you. I will trace the signs of the years for you, smooth the clouds of the past, bring you full hope, and accompany you with you. Your spring breeze is all right.

94. The New Year’s bell raised the cup, the mellow fragrance of the wine in the air, I am grateful to you in the cup slowly precipitated, deeply bless my friends, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year holiday, healthy happy!

95. A festive festival, full of joy; a pair of Spring Festival couplets, write brilliant; a string of firecrackers, bring auspicious; a plate of hot dumplings, happy watch; a pot of wine, drink healthy; a greeting, warm heart. May the Spring Festival be happy and healthy. Happy Lunar New Year Greetings

96. In fact, the sky is very blue, the clouds will always be scattered; in fact, the sea is not wide, this shore is connected to the other shore; in fact, the dream is very shallow, everything is natural; in fact, the tears are sweet, when your heart is as expected; in fact, my idea is very simple: I wish the Spring Festival happy.

97. New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, the first day of the New Year. The second day back to her family, the third day at home. There are many happy events in the fourth day. The sixth day of writing summary, the Spring Festival holiday is over. Take a long vacation for seven days and celebrate a happy reunion. Have a good holiday yet?

98. it takes time to know the sound, and love is not leisure. Lang has a sentimental sister, but also has to be led by the old man. Taking care of the body is the most subjective, and leisure is left behind. Resigning from the old look, I wish you a happy family.

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