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What is your Return Policy?

You may return an unused item in new condition within 30 days of purchase. All items must include original packaging. In some cases, you may be responsible for the return shipping costs.

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Do you have any free exercise video clips?

For free exercise video clips, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Do you have any beginner to advanced workout DVDs?

Please refer to our BOSU DVD section under our products.

Where do I find my downloadable workout?

Log in to your account and select the 'My Downloadable Products' tab. From there you will be able to download your purchased workouts.

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What BOSU® product is right for me?


Not sure which BOSU® product is right for you? Please refer to our BOSU® Comparison Chart.

How do I get the plug out of my BOSU®?

To avoid harming the valve and surrounding area, we suggest using a spoon to remove the plug from both the BOSU® Balance Trainer and BOSU® Ballast Ball. A second option is to purchase the offical BOSU® Plug Puller is designed to remove BOSU® Balance Trainer plugs (right side of tool) and BOSU® Ballast® Ball plugs (left side of tool) without causing damage.

What is the proper inflation for the BOSU® Balance Trainer (commercial and home versions)?

Inflate the BOSU® Balance Trainer until the dome is 8.5” high (do not exceed 10” high). The dome should “give” a little when standing, sitting or kneeling on it. Click here to watch a video on proper inflation.

How do I fix a puncture/hole in my BOSU® Balance Trainer?

You can try using a Vinyl patch from an air mattress, pool liner, or waterbed that can be picked up at your local hardware store. We also recommend trying a product found online called AirStop . It comes in a tube like toothpaste. Several customers have had success with this product. AirStop is made for patching Vinyl footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc.

The Dome of my BOSU® Balance Trainer pulled out of the base. What do I do?

Two reasons this issue may occur: 1) over-inflation, or 2) exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources. The dome should only be inflated between 8.5” to 10” high. The owner’s manual covers this information on pg. 5, “Care & Storage” and pg. 7, “Getting Started.” To fix the BOSU® Balance Trainer, remove the plug (use a spoon to help with this,) deflate the dome completely and remove bolts from each side of the clamp, click here for instructions. Then, work the bladder-ribbed edge to fit back onto the base, fit the clamp back on, tighten and re-inflate the unit. This should solve the issue. For repair instructions, please contact Customer Service.

My BOSU® Balance Trainer was exposed to heat and was damaged. What do I do?

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Damage due to exposure to heat sources is not covered under warranty. Please refer to the “Care & Storage” instructions (pg. 5) for more information. Overall, it is not recommended to transport and/or store a BOSU® Balance Trainer inside a car, especially while inflated. If the unit is in direct sunlight or near heat sources, it may become damaged.

However, your BOSU® Balance Trainer is fixable. Simply remove the plug (using a spoon), deflate the dome completely and remove bolts from each side of the clamp. Then, you can work the bladder-ribbed edge to fit back onto the base, fit the clamp back on, tighten, and re-inflate the unit for use.

My BOSU® Balance Trainers are leaking an oily residue. What do I do?

The oil is caused by improper stacking / storage of the BOSU® Balance Trainers. All plastics and Vinyl in this case are made from oil. When you stack the trainers where the blue ball portion is touching a black base of another unit, it will pull oil out of the ball. This is normal and goes away once washed with a mild cleaner and stacked base to base or dome to dome.

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Can I use the BOSU® Balance Trainer if I have a latex allergy?

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The dome of the BOSU® Balance Trainer is constructed of high-quality vinyl, so you shouldn’t have any issues with latex allergies when using the product.

Can I stand on the platform side of the BOSU® Balance Trainer?

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is designed to perform a wide variety of exercises with either the dome side up or black platform side up, “Both sides utilized.” However, standing on the platform side of the BOSU® Balance Trainer is not recommended, as this information is also stamped on the bottom of the unit. Standing on the dome side offers a balance challenge with the least risk or injury. Overall, before beginning this or any exercise program, consult a physician or health professional for recommendations, and be sure to read the owner’s manual included with your unit.

What is the proper inflation for the Ballast® Ball?

Inflate the BOSU® Ballast® Ball between 21” and 25” off the floor. Or, if using a stability ball tape measure, inflate the product between 55 cm and 65 cm. That way, you are able to accommodate your individual height requirements.

For club settings, a single size ball eliminates the need to purchase different sizes. Participants simply pick the ball that “feels” the best to them based on its inflation level. Watch how to inflate a BOSU® Ballast® Ball here.

What is the weighted material in the Ballast® Ball?

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The material inside the BOSU® Ballast® Ball is a secret! However, it is a safe, specially formulated mixture of dynamic material that both optimizes the rate of flow (internal shifting of MDL) inside the ball and provides enhanced audible feedback for lifting and shifting exercises.

How do I become a BOSU® Master Trainer or teach BOSU®classes at my facility?

If you would like to become a BOSU® Master Trainer and earn continuing education credits to teach a class within your facility, the best option is to complete a correspondence course. Click here for more details.

If you are not required to earn continuing education credits, the BOSU® Complete Workout System is set up to deliver a wide variety of BOSU® programming within your facility. Click here for more details.

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Bosa Driver

The boso TM-2430 PC 2 is the lightweight amongst the ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Its low weight and compact dimensions stand for pleasant carrying convenience and best possible acceptance by your patients.

The oscillometric detection method guarantees accurate blood pressure readings in almost every situation. The boso TM-2430 PC 2 stores up to 350 measurements, is easy to handle and quickly programmable, with fully adjustable intervals and a user-friendly sleep function. The unit is clinical validated according to BHS protocol grading A for systole and diastole..

Your boso TM-2430 PC 2 will be amortized very quickly, because of its low cost and the powerful evaluation software. With the software boso profil-manager XD you can also transfer and analyse the readings from your patients’ digital blood pressure meter as well as the measurements of the boso ABI-system for early detection of PAD (ankle-brachial index/ABI and pulse wave velocity/PWV). Just more clarity for a reliable diagnosis and therapy control.

The complete set includes:

Case, battery charger, two sets of rechargeable batteries, carrying pouch, belt, wipe clean adult-sized cuff, PC connection cable and the software boso profile-manager XD.