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With the FRITZ!Powerline 1260E you can integrate your network devices in to your network by using your power outlet. With fast gigabit powerline you can reach speeds up to 1200 MBit/s - and you do not have to lay any cable. Thanks to integrated WiFi AC network smartphones, tablets and other WiFi devices can be connected to your network. Download AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick Driver 05.04.15 (Network Card). Access our protected AVM Download Area for more sales & marketing items: Go to AVM Download Area. All; All-In-One; Amplifier; Preamplifier; Media & CD Player. A convenient home network with MyFRITZ!App. Downloads, videos and more. Lab Test drive brand new updates, direct from AVM's development team. Note: Instructions for configuring and using Mesh functions are presented at Below you find a complete list and descriptions of the new functions in the latest FRITZ!OS, along with a list of further improvements in this version.

Info on FRITZ!Powerline (Windows)

The setup program 'FRITZ!' in this folder contains the currentuser interface software FRITZ!Powerline.

New Features:

  • Extensive changes in the graphic display, e.g. horizontal arrangement and PC-connection independent display
  • The window is adjustable in size and the content moveable
  • Display of the Powerline device, LAN- or WiFi-connected to FRITZ!Box/Router on the left
  • Disuse of mouse over effects to display product details
  • More than one installed network visible
  • Display of the FRITZ!OS version in each product window



  • Support for switch-off MIMO at MIMO devices
  • German and english help improved
  • Enhancements in grafical display of device icons
  • Diverse stability fixes


  • Feature for Powerline products that have an IP address (e.g. FRITZ!Powerline 1240E).At a click on the name Web Browser opens and shows the Web Site of the device.
  • Fix: Improved handling of different desktop resolutions (4K+ resolutions).
  • Fix: Internal fixes and optomitzations
  • Shifted the feature adaption of transmit power settings for Powerline products to an expert version


  • Update for more than one Powerline product on one click
  • Update for FRITZ!Powerline products per update file
  • Modified spektrum presentation
  • Adaption of transmit power settings for Powerline products
  • Modernized look of the user interface


Download Avm Network Download

Download AVM Network & Wireless Cards Driver
  • Fix for misbehaviour at update process of Powerline devices in the network


  • Entry for the device password improved
  • Fix: Update with infrequent misbehaviour
  • Fix: FRITZ!Powerline error message at adjustments of settings
  • Fix: The program shows 1220E a wrong LAN velocity for 1220E


Download Avm Network Software

  • Improvement at the addition of Powerline devices into the network by device password entry
  • Improvements for the firmware update of Powerline devices
  • Grafical improvements
  • Added information on plugged network cable at FRITZ!Powerline 1220E
Download AVM Network & Wireless Cards Driver


  • Improved detection of LED on/off status and disposition to switch
  • Improved notification of version and Update status for the utility in the main window
  • Improved notification of the devices' Update status in the main window
  • Notification of the Update status in the dialog Device Profil, containing an Update button
  • Improvements in the grafical display of device illustrations
  • Windows XP support canceled. From now on only support of >= Windows 7
  • Notification (short cut) of the utility right in the Windows Start Menu, no mor in subfolder 'FRITZ!Powerline'
  • Fix for pairing malfunction of 540Ev2 and 510E
  • Fix for cut short of the utility windows
  • Textual improvements


  • Fix: After installation of version 01.00.71 in some cases the connected devices were missing in the GUI


  • Support for FRITZ!Powerline 1240E
  • Firmware update for 510E, 530E and 1000E, also possible connected via powerline (before: only via LAN cable)
  • Start on every PC in the home network for an overview and for a firmware update on all FRITZ!Powerline products
  • Simplified changing of the network password in each powerline product connected via powerline
  • Improvement: version information for the program FRITZ!Powerline


  • Support for MIMO/Diversity e.g. FRITZ!Poweline 1000E
  • GUI improvements
  • Improvements for setup with more than one local adaptor
  • Fix for layout issue at 125% and 150% scale on MS Windows
  • Stability fixes


  • Progress bar for the Add Device function
  • Fix: for the english version on MS Windows:all user interface languages except german automatically set english as language version for FRITZ!Powerline.
  • Fix: name labels corrected on the overview screen. Product notations of AVM powerline products are shown correctly.
  • Fix: diverse improvements on notifications in name labels and at refreshing the overview screen.
  • Fix: improved notifications of manufacturer strings in case of non AVM device.
  • Fix: bug fix for installation on MS Windows 8.1

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  • Separation of firmware updates for FRITZ!Powerline adaptors. New device updates can be updatedindependant from updates of this setup program from this version on
  • Integration of FRITZ!Powerline 546E and 540E
  • User interface improvements in details


  • Firmware update on 5.2.4-03 for 500E and 520E
  • Fix: Powerline adapter delivered physical data rate 0/0, 11/11 respectively wihout data transfer
  • Enhancement in LED control at non-AVM Powerline adaptors
  • Enhancement in green mode control at non-AVM Powerline adaptors


  • Fix: Help binding


  • Stability improved
  • Network security: Indicator (lock) has not always been updated reliably
  • Firmware Update on 5.2.3-03 for 500E and 520E
  • Adjustments for new FRITZ!Powerline adaptors 510E and 530E


  • fix: adapted update functionality

The language of the underlying operating system assigns the language of theprogram FRITZ!Powerline. German for a german operating system, otherwise english.Download the ZIP archive and start FRITZ!Powerline_v1.03.00_EN.exe out of theZIP folder. After installation of the program FRITZ!Powerline theuser interface gives a note in case of a new firmware for the AVM Powerline Adaptors.

(C) AVM GmbH 2016. All rights reserved.

This firmware package consists of files which are distributed under differentlicense terms, in particular under AVM proprietary license or under any OpenSource License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General PublicLicense or FreeBSD License). For further details see file 'license.txt'( The source code of those filesdistributed as Open Source are available on written request [email protected]

Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM grants the non-exclusive rightto personally use this AVM firmware package which is delivered in object codeformat only. Licensee shall only be entitled to make a copy exclusively reservedfor personal backup purposes (backup copy). AVM reserves all intellectualproperty rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior writtenapproval of AVM and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised undermandatory law, this AVM firmware package in particular

  • shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
  • shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled orotherwise 'be opened' in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied,distributed or otherwise made publicly available.

GHA 29/08/18

G.729 8K VoIP to G.711 CESoP Transcoding AVM Software

General DataComm is pleased to announce the development of software for the Xedge AVM (Advanced Voice Module) Line Interface Module that enables the transcoding of G.729 VoIP and G.711 ยต or A law between circuit services that terminate on two disparate channels of the AVM. These channels can be carried to the AVM card via Bundles and MPLS pseudowires affording the advantages of MPLS deterministic circuit paths and, if desired, Bidirectional Forwarding Detection for 50 millesecond failover restoration. The Xedge PCX2 controller modules used with the AVM also support AVM Bundle transport via VLAN, IP and ATM services. Options on the AVM allow for setting silence removal, echo cancellation, packet to PCM gain, and other voice signaling parameters to enable seamless integration into voice networks.

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Figure 1 E&M 8 port piggyback installed on an AVM LIM

To aid in system trouble shooting the AVM supports a rich diagnostic suite. Loopbacks can be enabled towards either the network or user side and an onboard 1004 hz tone generator is available for Telco grade audio trouble shooting. Front panel LED indicators are used to indicate link status and card operational readiness. The AVM can be configured locally via the Xedge node craft port or remotely using SNMP commands. AVM alarms are sent to General DataComm Prosphere network management stations.

Download data sheets: